Ebay Parcel Delivery Services

Expand your Ebay potential with our affordable and reliable delivery service

If you are an ebay seller then you’ll be looking for a highly reliable parcel service at a highly competitive price. With Parcelland, you can send up to 20kg for only £10.00, including the VAT. Size Restrictions apply.

All ebay sellers need to ensure that they comply with the requirements for Paypal and Ebay’s seller protection policy, and sending parcels with Parcelland means that you can have full assurance that your delivery complies. It is on a tracked and insured delivery service, online tracking is available so that both you and your buyer (and even ebay if need be) can see the progress of the delivery.

Under the new ebay changes, buyers get to mark sellers on Distance Selling Ratings, and what you charge, and how you handle the delivery will become very important to you, particularly if you are a powerseller. Good DSR’s mean that your listings get a higher visibility, so you need to maximise them and protect them.

Using Parcelland for sending out your ebay deliveries means you know that you’ll get;

  • Deliveries by UKs most reliable parcel carriers
  • Some of the cheapest parcel rates in the UK
  • A NEXT WORKING DAY delivery schedule

Parcelland impressive buying power have secured great discounts off the normal selling rates. This in turn allows us to offer you some of the lowest courier prices in the country!